How To Apply For A Mortgage

How To Apply For A Mortgage - Mortgage Loans Image 3

Applying for a home loan should be a simple, straight-forward process, but there’s a lot of factors that determine the loan amount and interest rate you’re offered. For those in the preliminary stages, here’s three … Read more

How Much Home Can I Afford?

How much home can I afford

How much home can I afford based on income? Ask yourself two questions: How much should I borrow? How much would they lend me? Potential homeowners usually ask the first without asking themselves the second … Read more

What Is A Jumbo Loan?

Jumbo loans by U.S. state

Learn why jumbo loans may be the best home loan option in higher-priced real estate markets. When you start exploring types of home mortgage loans, you’ll probably hear the term “jumbo loan”. If you do, … Read more